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e-Invoice software

Focused Features

CorporateStack’s einvoice software will help you grow your business with invoice management and taxation and attract more customers.

Get your CorporateStack integrated e-Invoice solution to manage your products and invoices effectively.

With interactive dashboards, you will be able to get statistical insights and track the small details that matter to be fully taxing compliant.

  • Invoice Management

  • Customers & Product Management

  • Integration with Tax Authority

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Easy Steps

For Tax Compliance

Egypt is the first country in the entire Middle East to implement the electronic invoice system. The system relies on a central electronic system that reviews and approves all purchase and sale invoices for commercial transactions.

Here are some easy steps for tax compliance:


Issuance of the electronic signature.


Self-registration on the tax authority system.


Coding your services and goods.


Contact us to activate your system.


Record invoices and send them to the tax authority.

Key Features

Tax compliance could be complex for most businesses, however, CorporateStack e-Invoice’s different features will make it easy for you.

Dashboards & Analytics

Automatic Tax Calculation

Downloadable Reports

Tax Authority Integration

Arabic & English

Your data, secured in the cloud.

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Regardless of your company’s size or needs, we will build customized plans that could suit you.


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What is e-Invoice?

With the process of the Egyptian Tax Authority modernizing tax information management and processing, the einvoice software was able to create a central solution that enables ETA to follow all trading transactions between Egyptian companies, foreign companies, and individuals through the instant exchange of invoice data in digital format rather than paper ones.

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An Award-Winning Business Solution

We specialize in creating seamless experiences. Technology has become the source of organizations’ empowerment to succeed. Our award-winning product CorporateStack is developed entirely by our team of qualified developers and consultants.

CoporateStack’s development team is based in Dubai and focuses solely on continually improving and enhancing our products and services.

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